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You can Prosper during Emotionally Challenging Times

By Carmelle Riley

June 30, 2022

Discover Your Emotional Power with the Cancer New Moon 29 June NZT) Overcome and eliminate negative thinking,plus family, ancestral patterns and inherited social conditioning simply by using your emotions to tap into Universal energy. You are powerful when you accept all your feelings 100%. The new moon in Cancer can help you to become more intuitive and emotionally intelligent.

Discover your Emotional Power Now

The world needs more positive people. Change-makers who lead with their big hearts and their positive powerful emotions. We need people brave enough to slow down, to question and un-learn collective fear patterns, and transform old emotional wounds that block your super manifesting power.

Instant healing can occur by choosing to work with Universal energies. The early morning and early night sky right now is a-wash with beautiful visible stars and planets. Aside from their visual beauty, the celestials trigger the most powerful of the 12 Universal laws, the great law of cycles.

All cycles have a universal similarity (they mark the re-cycling of energy from creation-to-death-to-new life). Some see cycles as passages of time -i.e. days, months, seasons, or years: without giving much thought to the rich learnings that are available for those who choose to look a bit deeper into the energies of the cycles.

A new intergenerational manifesting cycle starts with the new Moon - 29 June (NZT). This cycle provides a rich lesson on the origin and use of emotions, and how you can guide yourself to maximise on the huge free wealth of powerful intuitive energy that the Universe is sharing with humanity – right now! This cycle guides you to powerful natural resources so you can heal, and transform, create and expand.

Even if you are not aware of the fine balance or their complexities, a part of you is always feeling into the great sea of emotion that links all humanity into the cosmos.

Matariki is the New Year in New Zealand

Downunder in Aotearoa, we have a new public holiday called Matariki. At dawn during Matariki season, you can see a powerful cluster of stars named by the Greeks as the nine sisters, Pleides or for us the Matariki constellation. Matariki provides the influence of powerful female cosmic archetypes. This is the wise counsel of your aunts and loving sisters.

Winter also marks the time when our greatest creator the Sun has gone to bed with his lover Hinetakurua, another powerful feminine archetypal star. It is the winter solstice and cold. Going to bed early is treasured by us right now. Hinetakurua (Sirius) can be seen; bright at dawn and dusk: she is the brightest star in our Galaxy. When she takes the Sun to bed, it marks the turn to a new season. We value the Sun’s fuel power even more because it is now absent on Papatuanuku (Mother Earth).

It is a time to be grateful, to take care of resources, to gather with your whånau (family), to prepare the ground for another year of cultivating kumara (sweet potato) and it is a time to set new intentions for the next 12 months.

This New Moon rules Emotions

On 29 June 2022, at 2.52pm (NZT UTC – 28 June, 2.52am) the Earth will respond to the pull of the powerful New Moon at 7 degrees of Cancer. This new moon unites quite a few other celestial aspects. However, the main Universal energies explored in this short article, present the gift in the challenge.

Cancer is the realm of stars that rules Papatuanuku, Earth Mother, and the impact of maternal influence on our emotional growth, intelligence and fortitude. It is through our intuition and emotions, that we connect with the whenua, our place on Earth, and this is sustained as the divine masculine creative power (Sun in Leo) that is transmitted through our play, our loving, our union, into children. Children are the utlimate creation, they are our family lines sustained as the life of future generations.

For some of us, reading our emotions is our compass to form strong loving bonds, from which we create and unite our families, our worlds.

Others are lost in a sea of unexplained emotional turmoil, ruled by their heads not their hearts (aka lol so most people on our planet).

Cancer represents the ultimate security of our home, family tribe - our roots or rootedness, our earth to family-connection, and how we feel in all these connections, through our emotions.

Compassion is the fastest route to connection

We become emotionally secure when our mother or maternal influence teaches us to listen to ourselves - to the part of us that is connected to the Cosmos through our people, and the elementals - nature. These deep connections sustained by our inhabiting the Earth, guide us to surrender to our imagination and to let positive emotions guide us to compassion and kindness.

A kind mother can teach us to feel into our heart, the seat of all emotions so that we can be aligned with our higher mind, our intuition, our authentic truth. Contrast this with a strong paternal influence that makes us certain and confident in our conscious actions - enabling our quest to find fuel. Mamas can be the best or worst teachers, helping us to find balance through our powerful feelings. When we lack self-love, self-worth, self-care, we look outside for surrogate forms of security. Seeking to make sure what is outside of us will never bring what doesn’t exist at our core. We may be unduly caught up in the mind and all our inherited programs. We forget to pause, we forget to listen. We don’t trust our emotions and are too scared to guide ourselves back to positive alignment.

Look at any family – if the maternal emotional influence is positive: we will see children bearing the gifts of compassion, love and kindness and witness openness, flexibility, empathy and unconditional acceptance.

If the maternal influence is negative or lacking we will see insecurity, judgement; there will be competition, righteousness, division, blame and conflict. Family members may be pushed towards power over others, gaining status, achievement, gratuitously seeking praise, attention addiction,, action above reflection, competition, and may place undue value on punishment and reward.

Starting at UTC 2.52am 29 July, the Moon returns to her in Cancer. This deep feeling moon is further supported by the Love planet, Venus, whom you can see just before dawn as the brightest sparkling morning star. The close union of the Moon and Venus, opposes the biggest planet that rules expansion and manifesting, Jupiter. And as Jupiter is in Aries, the fiery Ram – there will be squaring of the Head, with the emotional tide of deep feelings stirred by this emotional Moon. Note - Jupiter is also supported by Venus. Venus likes a 3-way. She has empathy for the Moon and expands Naturally with Jupiter - even if Intuition and Expansion are fighting a turf-war. She supports the impulsivity to act with the Mind (Jupiter in Aries). And she supports you to examine your feelings (New Moon in Cancer) - to uncover early maternal influences that need upgrading so you can embrace your natural divinity, your intuition, and your deep ancestral, Earth and galactic connections. It is up to you to choose how you use this deep loving power. And, it’s up to you to use your heart.

Emotional Guidance

Feeling connected will expand your confidence to trust your emotions and vica versa. You were born with a fully intact emotional guidance system. This system exists to keep you aligned with your broader, wisder, eternal positive infinite perspective that is deeply connected to the heart of the Cosmos. We are meant to feel good in our lives - to celebrate what is alive in us all through our connections.

Many have forgotten this innate wisdom and now rely on inherited childhood patterns and chronic beliefs, rather than using their emotional system to feel what feels great.. If our Mother, or those we looked upon to teach emotional wellbeing, was not aligned with their higher divinity or was operating with fear, uncertainty, lack or doubt, we will be unlikely to trust our emotions. Instead, we may be victims, blaiming; looking to what is Right or Wrong, or giving away our authority in favour of external stimuli, rather than being able to work with our emotions to lead us back to positive states of love, worth, confidence, security, connectedness and wellbeing.

How many of us prefer to be liked, right, heard, rather than aligned with our true values and feelings?

Responding to Stimuli

Each of us is challenged with our life experience to sift through all the stimuli of life (yes all 11M bits per second) to overturn limiting social conditioning.

We will be pushed by the Universe to find our way towards what feels good (not right) to us. The Universe delivers people and events to push us, until we take up the reins of self-responsibility for our thinking and feeling.

Feeling good makes us play and that is our natural state – we are alive, creative, imaginative and playful.

Sadly, most people’s dominant tone of thinking is fearful, stale, recycled from the day before and inherited. We have around 70,000 thoughts and feelings per day and 95% of these are recycled, stale and based on fear, uncertainty, doubt or lack. I call this FULDY thinking and this 80% negative thinking pattern is what most people manifest with. It is no wonder there is so much depression, anxiety and unhappiness in the world.

Unless we check then, our emotions keep us stuck in reacting or responding to stimuli based upon our fears and not our natural-born goodness. We fool ourselves that other people, events, or life itself is creating the challenge, rather than owning this is just stimuli.

When was the last time you challenged yourself about your thoughts and why you are responding so strongly to any stimuli? Observing your reaction is way more important than any stimuli – no matter how big, painful or negative!

Only you get to choose your attitude towards any given circumstance.

This moment Now is more important than any other moment

This is such an important time – not just because of what is going on in the World, but because of what is going on inside each of us.

We are all being called out, to examine the emotional tide within, to re-educate ourselves and to step away from all emotional and fuldy thinking patterns that no longer serve us.

If we didn’t learn how to honour our emotional guidance system as a child, nor had wise elders who could gently nudge us to re-correct our attitudes, then this new moon in the heart of maternal Cancer is our wake-up call.

If you aren’t already feeling this in some realm of your life, the Moon’s square off with Jupiter in Impulsive, Reactionary Action and War star realm of Aries will bring up an issue that will push you into your deepest emotional patterns.

Look at your early childhood years 0-7 – if you can meditate on the maternal emotional influence that shaped the unconscious patterns within you. It is time to let go of these, to heal (Moon’s South Node in Scorpio 18 degs) and shape a new inner wealth or emotional destiny based on personal security (Moon’s nodes in Taurus 18 degrees).

This is the 6th new moon in an -typical year when there are 13, not 12 new moons. All New Moons pre-empt a smaller new season of roughly a month (29.5 days averaged).

New Moons include the combined fuel cycle of the Sun and the Moon (because they join at 0 degrees which is the pure essence of the stars in this region of the galaxy). In other words, they are Moons with the flavour of the Sun.

Each moon season starting with the new moon rules a period of around 28 days that lasts until the next new Moon. In our wisdom traditions, when we feel a new moon, we prepare, and when we sight a new moon – we start a journey and we are more likely to harvest fish with the incoming tide.

This journey is a pure spiritual and metaphysical one that involves just you and your feelings. It is a reminder not to be prompted by stimuli into reacting with old patterns, old emotional wounds even inherited family trauma.

You can choose instead to bravely step into the guidance of all these maternal stars and change how your view stimuli as good or bad, right or wrong. Look now for how you react to stimulation and ask yourself - what do you need, what do you want and how can you meet these needs?

But how do you do this?

It’s easy – PAUSE before re-acting especially this week!

Read the clues in what is showing up in your life

If the familial challenge hasn’t already shown up - you can choose to actively confront the most painful maternal or family pattern, or your most negative emotions. What emotions do you dislike in others? What emotions have you chosen to represss and why?

Look at your realm that is ruled by Cancer – your family. Is your sister or your mother criticising you? Has your family excluded you? Are you cutting someone who is a surrogate family member off (i.e. partner)? Are you judging one of your own children right now? Do you feel alone, without a real home? Are you searching for family lineage or missing your homeland?

If you ANGRY, allow the angry feelings to flow. If you are Sad, let tears flow. Take your time with this. If you can’t feel anything or are so anxious – sit quietly and ask for your emotions to come. Ask, where do I feel this Emotion, in my body – where can I feel the most resistance? For example, if you have neck pain, what security are you seeking that you do not have? If you are sore in your heart – what can you forgive in you, or in others? What are your unmet needs that you see in the negative exchange of others?

Under all emotion sits a limiting self-belief - an unmet need, a place of powerlessness. There is always a decision to limit yourself that you have accepted and repeated your whole life. Often this belief is family or social conditioning that was never yours. Re-educate yourself. Look to the common positive emotions that connect all life in the Universe: we all seek to expand and to contribute. Look to the higher emotions of love, freedom, creativity, happiness, insight and higher consciousness..

Follow Negative Emotions back to Inner Resourcefulness

If you become challenged, and if you can remember – centre in your heart. Love is the highest form of energy that can overcome all other negative feeling states. Look at others who challenge you, and see their natural power as loving beings. This always creates a sense of compassion.

Before you react, speak, judge, condemn another, walk away or post on social media, or respond with even stronger action


Draw a big deep breath from the Great Mother herself, deep in the Earth, draw the breath through your body and ask yourself what do you need to feel better? To see your situation with love rather than the lens of failure, rightness, blame or comparison.

What do you need to align with a higher, broader, wiser and infinitely good feeling perspective?

What is the next best feeling thought in your heart, that you can reach for that makes it easy to connect with your natural positivity and away from stale defaults.

Sometimes you must seek physical space to find your alignment, or you may need to distract yourself from dense thoughts that don’t feel good. What is important is you challenging yourself to remain positive and sift away fuldy mind states that cause resistance.

Stillness, Heart Centredness and Long Deep Breaths are easy ways to find natural balance and reach for positive emotions.

Grasping how you feel, and choosing to feel positive more often, leaves more room for co-creation with the Universe – this is the 99% cooperative field that draws more positive life experience (the 1%).

As you feel your way away from FULDY, stale thinking, and seek out what pleases you, you leave room to be stimulated to see-touch-hear-observe more pleasing life experiences. As you move up the scale from 80% negative to 80% positive you can manifest more of what you prefer, more quickly!

Practising this way of Be-ing is powerful not just for this powerfully intuitive period of the new moon and the next 28-29 days, but can improve every area of your life

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