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Super Manifestar!

Transform Your Mind

By Choosing to Use Your Imagination and the Unlimited Power of the Universe

Learn How to Tap into Unlimited Energy

Our self and group techniques teach you to tap into the highest Universal energies to create powerful change.

Move Past Limiting Beliefs and Emotional Blocks and Access Higher Guidance

Work with your emotions to find and eliminate Blocks with self-hypnosis. Our programs support You to focus on good feeling thoughts to shift Your Reality.

Go way beyond the Law of Attraction

Receive more Goodness in Your Life, with New Codes for the Universal Laws embedded in self-hypnosis.

Change How You Manifest

Learn how you can make Future Goals Occur Now. Develop a practice of Good Vibes, and changing any negative inner script using journaling and healing the inner child

Introducing Our Latest Experience

The Secret to Manifesting the
Life of your Dreams
‍(in 10 steps)


Be a Super


A Super Manifestor chooses the highest form of positive energy available, to manifest a personal reality that pleases you. Shift your overall thinking-vibe from 80% negative to 80% positive and see how your life transforms.


Choose Freedom

Decide what you want no matter where you are NOW.
Set Your Goals and Choose how you want to feel as you expand.


Befriend the Universe

Be Still. Slow Down. Go within. Learn how to allow Universal Energy to supercharge your decisions. Let the Universe Change how you feel & everything in your Life.


Heart-Set Shift

Love is the HIGHway to Find Energy, Peace, Compassion. Connect with your Eternal Soul. Return to Self Love, Heal and Transform your Passion with Easy Practices.


You are the Healer

Find the Limiting Beliefs and Negative Emotions holding you back and attracting what you don’t want into your life. Heal your Trauma. Expand with Love.


Get Superconscious

Listen open heartedly to Your Source and access your Higher Intelligence. Become more positive, happier, calm. Overcome fear, stress, anxiety and overwhelm.


Energy Amplifiers

Develop Super Energy Hacks with the 12 Universal Laws And not just the Law of Attraction!


Get More With Good Vibes

Super Manifestors become experts at the process of slowing down, relaxing, feeling good: DO less BE more. Learn how to make your positive habits stick.


Surrender to a power infinitely wiser than you!

Let go of resistance and your narrow focus. Allow the Divine to reveal synchronicities & rewards beyond your wildest imagination.


Your 35 day transformation

Build a super manifestation practice that makes you feel better and actually works.

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Find out everything you could possibly need to know about manifesting and magnetically drawing in your unique dream life.

  • Create the Habit of being Positive through Self Hypnosis
  • Learn Sleep, Dream and Deep Relaxation Techniques
  • Enjoy Powerful Relationships through Self Love
  • Be the Healer who Transforms Limiting Beliefs and Trauma
  • Set NOW goals that actually manifest
  • Become Spirit-full - let the Universe Work through You

Learn to serve the world and reap the rewards

#1 Be a Super Manifestor

#2 Relax instantly and anywhere

#3 Heal (Overcome what holds you back from Success)

#4 Feel More Energy & Vitality

#5 Expand Your Impact

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really a secret code to Manifesting the Life of My Dreams?

Yes, its the Self-Hypnosis in our Programs that is our Secret Sauce and gets Results.

What if I can't be hypnotised?

You are already being hypnotised every day! By your unconscious Mind programs that you have held in your mind since you were a child! By TV, every time you drive, by the News, by any obsession or narrow focus! The difference with our programs is you become conscious and an expert at self-hypnosis.

What if I don't like working in a group?

When you buy a self-paced program, you get life-time access to our Membership site and all the resources.
This means you can learn alone and when it suits you. But joining a Group Program will provide coaching from Carmelle, that will help you to practice and it is consistent action that creates success.

Is there a shortcut to manifesting?

Yes. Make your Goals present and Build a High Vibe Relaxation practice (easier said than done which is why you are here).

When can I expect to see my life change?

So the general rule is that it takes 21 days to build a habit, and 90 days to build a lifestyle. Our self-hypnosis tools deliver instant relaxation and if you follow the steps you will see lifestyle changes in as little as 35 days.

What is Your Point of Difference?

We will teach you why SLOW is the only way to go fast with manifesting. And, you will learn why DELTA is the difference. When you know how to hit DELTA in your Daily Waking Meditation. You will have ascended to Master Level.

What is the difference between Meditation and Self-Hypnosis?

Meditation is Observation of your Mind through Relaxation. Hypnosis (and all hypnosis is Self Hypnosis) is the self-driven process of directing, and integrating all parts of your Mind (Ego, Conscious, Sub-Conscious, Super-Conscious) and allow your 90% Imagination to align with Universal Power.

Do I have 4 parts to my mind -no wonder I feel overwhelmed?

Yes, but the great news is working with us, you will learn how to control your powerful Energy from the inside out. You can then tap into your mind's unlimited power to channel help from the Galaxy (Stars) and Universe (Source itself) to 'feel in' and thus get the results you want

Let Us Be Your Guide

You are the Guru

Become an Energy Expert. Feel energised, vital and happier in your life

Push Past Limits

Be your Own Healer (Overcome trauma. Beat sabotaging beliefs and fears and reap the rewards: more $Abundance, better health, better relationships)

Transform Your Mind

Learn proven hypnosis and mediations tools that reduce stress, anxiety, overwhelm. Become focused, calm.

Fulfil Your Desire to Help Others

Impact - Expand Your Influence. You can Serve and be paid for Service!

The Universe Is Within You

Everything is created within. Think from Your Succesful End and Align with the Universe

Intensive Group & Live Coaching with Meditation & Modern Hypnosis to Magnetise your Energy Field

Be The Super Manifestor You Came Here To Be

But You Don’t Have to Take our Word for it….

Geeta Sidhu - Female Empowerment Coach

Cured of her Fear of Sleeping Alone in One Session

Ray Leach - Business Manager

Participant Resilient Leadership Summit

Stacey Geddes - Nurse / Mother

Participated in Group Super Conscious Hypnosis

Participated in Group Meditation Workshops

Eva Stone - Park Ranger Law Graduate

A Note From Us

Carmelle Riley is an indigenous entrepreneur turned author, and spirituality teacher from Aotearoa. Her specialist passions are Cosmology, Meditation, Quantum Energy Healing and Super Manifesting.

With the Universal Dragon Year that is 2024, and with Pluto’s once in a 300year shift to Aquarius, Carmelle is expanding the movement of Super Manifestors: Conscious Leaders who will allow Infinite Abundance to Expand Their Impact.

Super Manifestor - Manifest the Secret in You, Audiobook launced on 14 March 2024. Get Your Free Copy Below.

She is Channelling her second book Super ManifeSTAR - Manifest the STARS in you for the Dragon Year 2024.

You will access quantum energy tools and really fun modern hypnosis practices which quickly reduce stress and work much faster than raditional methods; shifting trauma, eliminating doubt, fear and other blocks.

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